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I completely forgot about tumblr.

Because working.

And certain events taking place.

Good to know that tumblr hasn’t missed me in any way, shape, or form.

So monday night I went with David to a friend’s house and a bunch of us played board games till about 2 in the morning, which was awesome. Then we went out the next day and saw Warm Bodies (which is a freaking adorable movie) and had lunch. Plus we went to a photo booth! This was my favourite photo:

We are adorable.

Boyfriend got me roses, beautiful (and apparently highly expensive) heart-shaped jewelry, and he’s cooking me dinner monday night. He is out of the doghouse. Indefinitely.

imagespamsterlady replied to your post: I feel like I fell in love with the Normandy crew….

I just started ME3 and I feel you. I love these characters.

The entire trilogy just gave me all the feels. Helpful tip: do as many of the secondary missions as possible and when you get to Tuchanka (if you haven’t yet) make sure you do the bomb mission immediately.

ridemytauntaun replied to your post: I feel like I fell in love with the Normandy crew….

I’m currently bidding on the games on Ebay!

You will definitely not regret it! First one is a bit slow but it definitely picks up in the second one. My favourite part of the entire trilogy was interacting with everyone in the game, especially building relationships in the second and third one. My favourite game was definitely Mass Effect 2. I just loved it to death.